Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Kim K., Movies, and Paracommandos

one.  WHY was everyone shocked last week when Kim Kardashian went nude in a magazine?  Isn't that pretty much all she's good for?  I mean, we're talking about a girl who got her start from a sex tape.

two. Saturday before the big game was spent in the guest room surrounded by all things baby writing thank you notes and I'm still blown away by the generosity shown by our family and friends.  After four hours I finally had to put down the pen and walk away for a little while.  But I'm loving organizing his things!

three. This is sad but also kind of true:

four. I really want to go see a movie but Chris and I can't agree on what to see.  I want to to see Fury or Nightcrawler.  He wants to see Dumb and Dumber but that's just not happening.

five. And holy crap it just hit me that Mockingjay Part 1 comes out this weekend!!!

six. My Christmas pinterest board is filling up and I'm ready to decorate TOMORROW.  Maybe I can hold out another couple of weeks...  I might have to try this one too but I'm afraid the cats would have a field day:

seven. The popular At The Movies Series started up at church again Sunday. We look forward to this each year! This year the first week was a replay of last year's most popular week. ...and it was the movie The Impossible...about the Boxing Day tsunami.

eight. Friday morning during all the hoopla I was lying in the bed and Gus decided he need to walk on the headboard.  He then decided he needed to jump before his fat self lost his balance and used my face as a landing pad.  Gave me a nice little scratch on my cheek a week before our maternity pictures.  Thank you, Gus...

nine. Speaking of bad cats:

ten. While I'm glad I stayed home Saturday instead of going to the game (Kaylen said most of the stadium stood up nearly the entire game), I HATE I missed the paracommandos dropping into the stadium! Check out this awesome video and get a birds eye view of Bryant Denny from Saturday.

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  1. 1. Completely Agree
    3. That's so me!
    4. Hubby and I rarely agree on movies so we will sometimes go to the theater and each see a different movie playing at relatively the same time and then we are both happy.
    6. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas!!! Counting the days until I can put up the tree.

  2. 1. I was not shocked. That woman is so boring.
    3. I recently saw a shirt that says "I like animals more than people". :)
    4. I did not know there was another Dumb and Dumber! I haven't been to the movies in ages!
    5. Still haven't seen the second movie!
    6. I finally started to buy some Christmassy stuff this week!
    8. Ouch! Cats!
    9. Aww!
    I am not sure if I can link up today but I will tomorrow at the latest!

  3. So agree on Kim K. Trashy is as trashy does!

    And that paracommando video is so cool! What a bummer you missed it!

  4. I really can't stomach Kim K anymore. She's always posed in Playboy nude. She has a sex tape. Why is anyone shocked?
    If I lived near you, I'd go see Nightcrawler with you. I have NO interest in Dumb and Dumber 2. Never saw the first one.
    I just discovered giving the fuzzies catnip, they have lost their damn minds.
    If you live near a Sephora, go get matched and ask for a sample of Amazing Concealer. It will cover that bad boy scratch right up. It's amazing

  5. I hate Kim K. Why does she have to do something to gain attention? -_- So not classy.


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