Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Vacay, Decorations, and a Very Shady Cat

 one. We got back from our long weekend trip Sunday night and I swear I could have got back in the car and gone all the way back. The six of us had a wonderful time and we even got lucky and saw snow! Been going 26 years and FINALLY saw snow in town. More on our trip later!

two. One thing about the weekend we chose for our trip was daylight savings time. First Monday back and it was light when I got out of bed to get ready for work! I love it.

three. Halloween is over (boo) and that means it's almost time for Christmas decorations! I'm thinking about trying letters like these over the mirror on our mantle. I NEED to get me some good organization bins for our decorations. Maybe I won't find the task of decorating for Christmas so daunting if everything isn't so jumbled up.
source via Pinterest
four. TWD SPOILERS HERE! So THAT’S where Beth has been! I heard a theory for next week that I like: Carol went into the hospital as a “Trojan horse” and she’s going to go all commando and rescue Beth and it was NOAH in the woods with Daryl. That’s the story I like and I’m stickin’ to it. And I knew right off the bat I wanted that male cop to die and I’m glad it didn’t take long.

five. I laughed at this FOREVER last night! And then when I thought I was done laughing I looked at the bottom picture again and started all over:

six. I am COMPLETELY 100% convinced the cats missed us after our trip. They cried when we came home and stuck to us like glue the rest of the night. My sweet babies missed their Mama and Daddy!

seven. We hadn’t left the air on in a few weeks OR turned on the heat before we left. I turned it all off Thursday evening not realizing it would get so cold at home over the weekend. When we came back it was FIFTY-FIVE DEGREES in the house. Even the plates in the cupboard were cold. Haha.

eight. This should not be as funny as I think it is:

nine.  It's shocking to me that people actually believed the whole "it's going to be dark for three days straight this December" malarky that was floating around on facebook.  Seriously?  Seriously.

ten. You know I hate when vacation is over but there’s still LOTS to look forward to in the coming weeks! Baby tea, maternity pictures, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and then BAM! BABY!

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  1. 1. Glad you had a great time. I loved seeing your pictures on Instagram!
    3. Can't believe it's Christmas soon!
    5. Hahaha!
    6. Aww! Of course they missed you a lot!
    10. Lots of exciting things!
    Will link up later!

  2. 1. yay! vacations are always fun

    2. Yippee, me too!

    3. Beautiful mantel. I would love to have one like that one day.

    5. Ha!

    7. Same here....and I was only gone for a couple days

    8. I think what I find the funniest is that there are dustpans on the same shelf as cat food and dog treats.

    9. Seriously?

    10. Wow

  3. glad to hear you had a great trip. I find it crazy place are already getting snow. Lucky no snow here yet.


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