Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Veterans Day, White Legs, and Hibernation

 one. First off, Happy Veterans Day to our nation’s defenders! They don’t nearly get the care they deserve after their time is up (but that’s another soapbox for another day). This guy made me proud then and makes me proud now. I can’t wait to explain to Cooper how special his daddy is.

two. We’re supposed to be getting REALLY cold temperatures starting Wednesday night! Woo hoo!

three. I’ve been debating with myself about how long to keep the few little autumn/Thanksgiving decorations up and when to switch them for the Christmas stuff. I’m itching to fill the house with red and gold!

four. This is me after looking at pictures of myself from the tea Sunday:

five. Got another appointment for little man today. We seriously have 8 1/2 weeks until his due date. That is so freaky!

six. TWD SPOILERS HERE! Oh that little creeper, Eugene. I should’ve known a scientist with a mullet doesn’t exsist. I don’t think Abraham killed him but I wish he did. And holy cow did you see the sneak peak for next week?? My guess is it’s Beth in the body bag. Maybe they didn’t successfully save her from the hospital.

seven. Last night all I did was have one long nightmare about tidal waves (a reoccurring nightmare of mine) and now that's all I can think about.

eight. Saw this and then it dawned on me that I actually WILL be going into somewhat of  a hibernation for maternity leave around the coldest weeks of the year.  Good timing, Cooper.  Good timing.

nine. I saw a preview for the new Exodus movie!  I really want to see it.  The story of Moses and the exodus out of Egypt is my favorite story from the Bible.  I just sincerely hope it's not another Noah biblical-but-not-biblical-at-all situation.

ten. I might have to hang this in the office somewhere:

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  1. 2. Our cold temperatures are coming in today. I'm meeting with maintenance to discuss a serious draft in my apartment.

    3. This seems to be a theme everywhere. Our local grocery store completely skipped Thanksgiving. Trees were up on Nov. 1.

    4. Ha!

    9. I'm curious as well.

  2. 2. You are really excited about the cold temperatures! i love fall!
    3. You can really see Christmas stuff everywhere already!
    4. Haha I am so pale!
    5. SOOOO exciting!
    8. I need this!
    10. Love it! So cute!

  3. I'm itching ti decorate for Christmas too!!!!

  4. 2. I'm so excited about the cold temps! Finally baggy grandma sweaters that don't touch my belly and leggings without looking lazy!

    5. I can't believe you only have two months left!!!! That's crazy! I know you can't wait to hold him though!

    6. I read the comics, so I knew it was coming... but I'm actually kind of sad that I knew because it didn't make it as intense for me haha. So now I'm going to hold off from reading them anymore, because some GOOD EPIC stuff is coming up!

  5. Ahhhhh, I just wrote a comment and blogger ate it. I hate that!
    Happy veteran's Day to Chris (a day late) Thank him for all he has done for our country! You've got a super brave hubby!
    I just took a picture of the Hibernation shirt and send it to my sister. We have a good friend who hibernates the second the temp drops below 65, we are cracking up.
    Tonight Steve and I will watch Sons.... heard it was nuts!


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