Friday, November 28, 2014

Unplanned But Not Unwelcome Break...and Freak Out Mode

That’s what happens when on a random morning your only computer turns itself off…and then doesn’t come back on. You get a completely unplanned but not at all unwelcome blog break. It just so happened that it occurred over Thanksgiving (which I hope everyone had a fabulous one by the way).

But it’s just as well and I honestly wasn’t even upset about it. A little peaved that we might have had something else to buy but not stressed that I wouldn’t be able to blog.

My mind has been going 90 mph in one hundred directions and I’m officially in freak out mode. This baby will be here [theoretically] January 9th and my head is spinning thinking of how much is still left to do before his arrival and I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get it all done. This boy has NOTHING hanging on his nursery walls, a crib lacking a mattress, no ceiling fan, a stroller still in its box, a dresser that instead of being perfectly organized with rolled-up onesies and blankets and socks is empty. Speaking of socks, I just realized we haven’t bought him any yet. Crap.

I am honestly so ashamed of myself that I’ve let it get this close with still so much undone.

This is where I need to stay off of freaking blogger and STOP obsessing over all the OTHER bloggers who are due around the same time I am who HAVE their new arrivals’ nurseries complete and organized and decorated and friggin perfect.
This is where I need to stop and breathe and tell myself that it WILL all get done.
This is where I need to remind myself that Cooper will have everything he needs and he will be the most loved baby boy on the planet even if his nursery isn’t pinterest worthy come January 9th.
And this is where I stop typing before I completely crumple into a ball of hormonal tears.

PS. The computer that wouldn't turn back on that we were convinced had breathed its last? Chris took it to a tech-savvy buddy...and the battery was just loose. Oh well.

PPS.  I hope none of you got killed or killed anyone over any of those Black Friday doorbusters!  But IF you ventured into the madness I hope you had fun and got some good deals.  =)

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  1. we all need a blog break hear and there. I just came back from a 12 day break.


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