Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby Update - One Month to Go!

Lots of exciting things going on!

-We had maternity pictures taken and I can’t WAIT to share them when we get them back!
-We hit the “one month left” mark Tuesday! Tuesday was just a full baby day for us. We both took the day off and started with our regular appointment (everything is fine and showing no signs of labor). After that we met with a group of birth planners that is a complimentary service by the hospital we’re using. They asked all kinds of questions. Are you considering an epidural or a natural birth? Would you like the lights dimmed? What kind of birth experience are you hoping for? Do you use Essential Oils? Is there anyone in particular you don’t want in the room? We preregistered for our visit and even filled out paperwork for his birth certificate. THAT was a surreal moment when the form asked what the full legal name of our baby would be. The girl that helped us plan was super sweet and helpful and she gave us a tour of the maternity floor and showed us exactly where to go when the time comes.
-After birth planning was lunch, touring another daycare and a quick trip to Target to get some little essentials. Cooper now has swaddling blankets. =)
-That night (with my supervision and reading instructions) Chris put together his Rock ‘N Play. I don’t know why but THAT hit me hard. NOW it’s real. NOW that the Rock ‘N Play is together and rocking and making baby music I realize that in a month there will be a baby in it. I love being pregnant but I’m so ready to meet him, and hold him, and love him.

Weight Gain: Up 26 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Still right on target.

Clothes: All maternity all the time. Plus a few of Chris’s flannel button-ups for good measure. And Dad let me borrow an Alabama sweatshirt of his that I wore over leggings Monday. Best. Outfit. Ever.

Symptoms: Really the only new thing is some dizzy spells. Nothing major. But I did almost have to grab ahold of Dad’s arm to steady myself while standing and singing at church last week. I could say extreme heaviness, but I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant! I’m supposed to be heavy!

Movement: All the time. A sharp jab here, a roll there, a superman punch to the lady parts here…

Cravings: Drinking my weight in chocolate milk. And lately I want icees! I discovered Taco Bell has a Dr. Pepper Vanilla Freeze and it’s the bee’s knees. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but it’s funny how things work out.

Sleep: My brand spankin’ new diffuser and my Lavender/Peace and Calm combo is knocking me out at night but not KEEPING me asleep. So tonight I’m going to try putting some on my pillow and toes. Just a little voodoo. Don’t mind me.

Stretch Marks: Nope. Hoping my tummy holds out for one more month. I’d be very thankful.

Missing: Sleeping in any position other than my sides.

Nursery: I’ll just say….it’s coming together. Hopefully… I mean, maybe by January 9th….

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