Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 30 Days, A Huge Mistake, and Essential Oils

one. Today is ONE MONTH until Cooper’s ETA! Chris and I took the day off together and are focusing on baby. We have a doctor appointment, followed by an appointment with the birth planning people, followed by a tour of another daycare followed by doing SOMETHING in his nursery.

two. YES.  Please let her sleep.

three. Over the weekend we got our maternity pictures made! The weather cooperated beautifully and I can’t wait to see them.

four. I had my hair and make-up done for photos (because I am TERRIBLE at anything other than everyday hair and make-up) and it was a day of beauty firsts for me! I had my eyebrows filled in, my face contoured, and even had fake half lashes! I felt like Kim Kardashian only less self-absorbed.

five. Hahaha.  Hopefully I'll handle it better than this poor cat:

six. I’ve figured out after working with men another reason the good Lord in His wisdom gave the task of bearing the children to women: the men just couldn’t handle it.

seven. I finished Gone Girl.  Furious at the end but still an awesome read and now I can't wait to see the movie.

eight. Do people really believe cops are just running around killing innocent people for fun?

nine. Not what I was expecting to see!

ten. Someone very generously gave me an Essential Oils starter kit as a baby gift with a diffuser and everything! I’ve been sleeping with a mixture of Peace & Calm and Lavender and I love it. Anyone into Essential Oils?

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  1. 1. Exciting!

    4. Days like that are always so much fun!

    5. haha!

    8. My thoughts exactly

    9. haha!

  2. I bet you are getting excited for your son to come.

  3. 1. Yay! How exciting!
    3. Will you share some on the blog? :)
    4. Haha, less self-absorbed. :) I am glad you are not like her, that is for sure.
    5. :)) so cute!
    7. I finally need to start! Never find the time!
    9. Hahahaha :)
    Will link up later!

  4. I can't believe you're only a month out from officially being a mommy! Your maternity pics sound awesome, you should totally post some on the blog. :) And I'm sure you'll handle things much better than that poor kitty! Aw, the look on her face. :)

  5. 1) AHHHHHH! This is crazy!
    3) Can't wait to see them!
    7) The ending of Gone Girl was shocking (though it shouldn't have been given the twists of the book)! The movie is really well done, very close to the actual plot!


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