Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Baby Rush, Final Ride, and Mythical Creatures

one. We got SO much done Sunday. We went to Buy Buy Baby and got Cooper’s mattress, an extra base for Chris’s car and a bathtub. We moved the furniture to where we want it in the nursery, and Chris opened boxes of randoms (bottle warmer, drying rack, diaper genie) and put them in their designated spot. He took charge and got it done and I am SO grateful.

two. I happen to agree:

three. In all the baby hoopla I nearly forgot I turn 27 Saturday.

four. Today is another baby appointment and Kaylen is going with me. She’s crossing her fingers for a nice, long ultrasound.

five. Super sad face because one of our favorite shows, Sons of Anarchy is completely over.  I'm still in mourning for all of my favorite fictional characters that died.
Yes, I cried a little too.
six. Another sad/annoyed face because I have to get my drivers license renewed today and get my new address and married name put on it.  (I've only been married 7 1/2 years.).  Yay for long lines and mean ladies behind the counter who hate life.

seven. I swear there are birds trying to nest in our bedroom window.  Which I might be cool with if they didn't try to set up shop at 6:00 on frickin Saturday morning.

eight. It's a little nerdy but I really like this collection of mythical creatures around the globe for some reason.

nine. I've felt a little lost since finishing Gone Girl.  What's everyone reading?

ten. Oh and one more little thing. A sneak peek from our maternity session! I’m in love with the few I’ve seen and can’t wait to see more.

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  1. 1. I guess you are ready!
    2. Haha. :)
    3. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday!
    6. Hopefully it won't be too bad!
    9. Have you read The Rosie Project? I am currently reading The Rosie Effect, the second book.
    10. Loooove the pictures!

  2. Sounds like you are quite ready for Mr. Cooper's arrival! I am still sad over SOA. I was glad Juicy's death was quick and painless, I cried when Jax killed Gemma, and I pretty much full on sobbed when Jax died. I loved allllll the tie-ins, how the truck driver who took Gem to her dad's was the same one who ran into Jax, how Jax went out the same way as JT on the same road. Siiiiigh… I miss it already

  3. Happy belated birthday. You photo's turn out amazing

  4. 1. yay!

    2. Ha! I like Tuesdays though because those are my Mary Kay nights!

    3. Happy birthday!

    7. That will be so cool, though.

    10. Cute!


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