Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why I Like Being Pregnant

As of today I have approximately 37 days until Cooper’s ETA and I leave the hospital with a baby in my arms and that baby goes home to live with us for the foreseeable future.

All I heard before I got pregnant (and a lot during pregnancy) were absolute horror stories about this nine month incubation period. Whether it was a stranger at the grocery store telling me how she was nauseous morning to night for the first three months or Kim Kardashian whining to Ryan Seacrest about just how miserable it is with her swelling feet and exhaustion. Heck, even the Duchess was hospitalized with the most extreme morning sickness.
I’ve even seen some women say, “any woman who says she likes being pregnant is a liar.”

Well guess what: I like being pregnant.
I feel very much like a pregnancy unicorn or just the luckiest girl on the face of the earth with SUCH a smooth sailing compared to a lot of the stories I’ve heard. Granted now at eight months I’m uncomfortable MOST of the time, sleep sucks, sneezing hurts, my heart races more than usual, I have trouble putting on socks and shoes, and there was that leg cramp from hell Thanksgiving night, I still LIKE being pregnant and if you could promise me all my future pregnancies would be this easy, I could absolutely see myself being a surrogate.

I like being pregnant because:

-Everyone is super nice to you. People apparently love pregnant women! It’s as if everyone feels the need to take care of them and therefore their unborn. If they’re not asking, “how are you feeling today?”, “do you need anything?”, or “can I carry that for you?” they’re tilting their heads and going, “aww!” or just telling you how great you look and that pregnancy “suits you”.

-Feeling baby move is the most amazing feeling. I always imagined it would feel like a goldfish swimming around a fish bowl. Even though now that he’s taking up more room the movements are stronger and sometimes just down right hurt, I still like feeling them. It makes me feel close to him (like we could literally get any closer) and I’m quite positive I’ll miss those kicks and punches most of all after he’s here.

-It’s the perfect excuse to relax more. It doesn’t take much for me to get tired and A) Unless you were active before you got pregnant, which I wasn’t, you don’t need to exhaust yourself anyway, and B) sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything except being still and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

-I feel closer to Chris than ever before and he takes such good care of me. If he’s this attentive and cautious with me (like calling me at work to let me know that I need to be SURE I’m using a hand rail whenever I go up and down stairs so I don’t fall), how much more cautious will he be with our 6-7 pound baby?

-People are always offering you food. This needs no explanation.

-I dig this new round shape. (Plus it’s a good excuse to buy new clothes.) For someone who’s always been on the thinner end of the spectrum, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the growing belly. I was relieved when I realized I LOVE looking pregnant and I’ve really enjoyed maternity shopping. I held onto my pre-pregnancy jeans for months thanks to the belly band and a lot of shirts for even longer than that, but I reached a point where nothing fit right and DANG IT I just HAD to buy some new clothes. =)

We still have a few weeks to go and I know I’m only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable. So maybe in three or four weeks I’ll hit that wall of OMG GET HIM OUT NOW, but for the moment I’m still actually liking being pregnant (not lying) and soaking it up like a sponge.

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  1. your glowing. My friend also enjoyed her Pregnants to. She told me she had an easy one.

  2. It's great that you love being pregnant. I know a few other women who do, too. And it would be such a blessing to other couples if you decide to pursue surrogacy down the road.

  3. Good and comforting to know not all women have ugh "symptoms" pregnancy.


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