Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Golden Globes...and Still No Baby

Hello, all! Since I'm blogging about the Golden Globes from last night, you've probably already guessed we have no baby yet. You guess correctly. Now my theory is that Cooper was just waiting until after the Globes so Mama could watch them in the comfort of her own home because he knows how she lives for that stuff. Now he'll probably show Daddy the same courtesy and wait until tomorrow so he can watch the big college football championship game. I'm not really feeling anything different so my guess is we'll be inducing Wednesday night. But in the mean time I'm just sitting here talking to you lovelies and waiting for a sign!

Now on to the Globes!

Kristen Wiig - Someone on twitter last night said she looked like a 70's bride and that pretty much covers it. // Salma Hayek - The dress alone isn't bad.  Maybe even with the belt.  But the accessories take her into princess/quinceanera territory. // Rosamund Pike - She is ethereally beautiful and I love the color on her but I wish it had fit her better up top.

Dakota Johnson - I'm a sucker for sequins and I love this.  And in a sea of serious spray tans she got the memo that pale is still pretty. // Julianna Moore - She's usually 50/50 on whether she impresses me or not but this impressed me!  Love the ombre.  Only wish she'd fixed her hair a little more. // Emma Stone - LOVE!  Best dressed nominee for me!  And her hair makes me want to grab the nearest pair of scissors.

Diane Kruger - Diane is my girl and it's almost a guarantee I'm going to love anything she wears.  She's less human and more heavenly being. (Girl crush much?) // Jennifer Lopez - I'm so tired of seeing her almost exposing herself.  What would be more shocking is if she wore something classy and covered herself a little. // Reese Witherspoon - Perfection!  Love the silver with her blonde hair.

Amal Clooney - Such a beautiful woman deserves a more beautiful dress.  I was underwhelmed by Mrs. GC's dress and gloves. // Jennifer Anniston - She looked beautiful and the dress is ok, but she did not look very happy to be there! // Claire Danes - What in the world is this?  I don't even know what to say.

Allison Williams - Love this but then again I've never really disliked anything she's worn on the red carpet. // Taylor Schilling - One of my favorites of the night and a best dressed nominee.  Perfect from top to bottom. // Catherine Zeta Jones - She could wear a trash bag and I'd rave that it's the best looking trash bag I've ever seen.  Red is definitely her color.

Katherine Heigl - This is the best I've seen her look in forever.  I just wish the top had been pulled up another couple of inches. // Katie Holmes - Love the purple on her and the draping is perfection but wrinkles are my biggest pet peeve and the pony tail is overkill. // Leslie Mann - I usually don't like yellow on blondes (hello, Naomi Watts) but this worked and she looked gorgeous.

Anna Kendrick - I adore this dress!  I do wish she'd done her hair a little softer. // Amy Adams - Pretty color but a snooze fest. // Chrissy Teigen - A home run.  But did anybody get a glimpse of the weird face she made during John Legend's speech?  Too many feels perhaps?

And the girl that I can't possibly put into a category with anyone else.  Lupita Nyong'o.  Please excuse me while I run to hobby lobby and buy a bunch of purple flowers to sew to all my clothes.  Not much else to say except another perfect dress.  Best dressed for sure!

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  1. Emma Stone was my favorite outfit from last night

  2. I am loving Emma Stone's outfit!!! And Leslie Mann in that yellow dress is just beautiful. I wonder if yellow will be a big color for spring? I am not one to pull it off....

  3. Emma Stone is so lovely! She always looks stunning! I also really really liked Diane Kruger's dress!
    Thinking of you and cannot wait for the baby! :) Lots of hugs!

  4. I am eagerly awaiting the post that says "He's here!" I love that you captured all these dresses in one place for me! I love the style of Katie Holmes' dress, I don't know about Emma Stones pants though. She's adorable and all, but I don't quite get the cape part!!

  5. What...what is even going ON with Rosamund's dress?! Yikes! Same with Claire. Emma Stone looks amazing as usual, and I agree with you on her hair. Love. I really liked Katie's dress but not her hair extensions--she had a sort of early Angelina Jolie vibe going on there, I think.


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