Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Baby Update? - One Week Until ETA

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say this will be the last baby update. Cooper's due date is ONE WEEK from today. One week. As in seven days. I've been saying for the past few weeks, "I think he'll be late...I think he'll be late." But now I'm not so sure. I feel like a switch has been flipped. Either I'm just suddenly keenly aware that the time is this close and I'm paranoid or I really can feel my body getting ready for the main event. Either way, I just feel different.  And I've finally hit the "all uncomfortable, all the time" point.  But still I DON'T want to be induced and I'll be happy if he stays on the inside for another week or more.  At my appointment Tuesday the doctor said I had thinned (which is expected at this point) but not dilated. Then she said, "but some women don't have any signs of labor and then their water breaks the next day!"

And oh yeah, New Years Eve was my last day at work so here I am at 8:30 in the morning sitting in the bed with the kitties.  I hope they appreciate this quality time we'll have together before baby arrives and they get knocked down the totem pole.

Speaking of New Years, I hope everyone had a great one.  Our NYE consisted of dinner with my parents at Sumo and a family trip to the grocery store.  Haha.  Very exciting.  I had intended to stay awake to watch the ball drop like I do every year.  That was a joke.  I was asleep by 10:30.  Whatever.  Yesterday was a good day though.  We spent the day at the parent's with a full house of friends and family eating, playing games. and watching football (which we won't talk about).

Today with it raining I've got to decide between doing laundry and cleaning or watching the 3rd season of American Horror Story on Netflix.  Decisions, decisions...

Weight Gain: Right at 30 pounds since pre-pregnancy.  I LOST a pound between last appointment which perplexes me since I ate so much over the holiday.

Clothes: I'm trying my best to live in one pair of leggings and big shirts.  It's just what's comfortable at this point.

Symptoms: Haha.  Dizzy spells, back pain, stomach ache, exhaustion...

Movement: I read where he might slow down on the movement since he's got so little room but I really don't think he has at all.  I get sharp kicks and punches all the time.  I would worry if I didn't.

Cravings: Sweet tea by the gallon.  Seriously.  Just give it to me.

Sleep: Still using the lavender via diffuser and drops on my pillow to put me to sleep.  But changing positions is such a production that there's no way I can sleep through it.

Stretch Marks: Nope.  I think I dodged them.  Thank you genes and body butter.

Missing: Being able to get up and move around easily.

Nursery: Baby boy now has a fully furnished, functioning nursery and his things are organized in drawers.  Pictures later...or at some point...

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