Thursday, January 8, 2015

T-1 Day and Counting

Hello there!  Still pregnant over here.  Currently I've just finished preparing seven or eight freezer meals.  Yes, this little non-domestic goddess trashed her kitchen the day before her due date to prep meals for the first time in her life.

This is how my days have gone since New Years:

-My first day officially off work (Friday, the 2nd) I spent doing laundry.  Lots of little laundry.  I love it.  I can't wait to see him in these.  I hope Coop likes stripes as much as his minimalist mother.  That night I met Chris for dinner at one of my favorites, California Pizza Kitchen.  I thought it might be our last "official" date night.

-Saturday after getting my oil changed was spent lounging at my parents house with them and Kaylen while Chris was at the Birmingham Bowl.  The weather was nasty all day long and I was glad to have somewhere dry and comfy to be.  We ate junk, napped, watched the Florida game and three episodes of Aerial America on the Smithsonian channel before Chris got back and we all ordered pizza.

-Sunday was church in the morning.  On the way there being jostled around in the backseat of my parents SUV I thought, "...what am I even doing here?"  I felt every ounce 39 weeks pregnant and was highly uncomfortable.  I was feeling really torn between wanting to get out and do stuff while I still can easily and not wanting to move.  I even let Chris park us in the "expectant mother" space at Buy Buy Baby.  I've NEVER let him do that.

-Monday was baby dishes and a little more laundry that morning.  How cute is this bottle dryer?  It even has "trees" to hang the caps on.  I ran some errands with Kaylen after she got up and running (she's not exactly a morning person).  After a couple of stops and a trip to Target for a few more things I need post-birth this girl was TIRED.

That night a couple of kitties were being VERY attentive to me.  Dixie sitting there is no big thing.  That's just her spot between Chris and I on the couch.  But both of them together is a little weird.  I wonder if they know...

-Tuesday was another full day.  It started with our weekly appointment.  In case you're wanting to know, there's been no more progress for Cooper.  He's hanging in there and if he hasn't made his appearance on his own before then, we're scheduled for induction Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  That means we will have a baby no later than the 15th.  Holy cow.  The doctor named a definite date and I thought Chris was going to throw up.
After the appointment Chris dropped me off with Dad and Kaylen and we went goofing off the rest of the afternoon.  They even took me grocery shopping for said freezer meals.  I've never been so nervous to check out at the grocery store with so much chicken and fresh produce (which I usually don't buy and I don't mind telling you that).
That night to cap off the full day we went to Daniel's 21st birthday dinner at Baumhower's.  I love Dan but I was equally as excited about the Publix cake I knew we would have.

-Yesterday was a good day.  I got up and cleaned all the living area (nesting perhaps) and just when I was done, Pam brought me lunch: Taco Bell complete with a Dr. Pepper Vanilla freezer.  Bless her heart.  After shooting the crap and hanging out for a couple of hours I went to Mom and Dad's house and Kaylen painted my toenails.  I can't bring a baby into the world with toes NOT polished.  Just wrong.  After my pedicure, I went back home, got my ingredients out and put together two freezer meals. 

-Today was another round of freezer meals, which honestly wore me out.  So here I am telling you about my week and watching Deep Impact.  In case you haven't checked facebook or instagram today, it's really cold.  Not that I would know since I vowed not to leave the house unless of course...

Tomorrow is our official Estimated Due Date so we'll see what happens!  Either way this time next week we should have our Cooper Timothy in our arms!  I'm doing my best to document these days before his arrival on my Instagram so follow along if the spirit so leads you.  #itsthefinalcountdown.  Good luck getting that catchy tune out of your head.

In the movie I'm watching Morgan Freeman is about to tell the country that the explosives didn't work and the comet is still heading to earth and everyone is probably going to die so this is where I leave you...

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  1. Look at you so busy!!! I wish you the best with your delivery! I cant even imagine how ready you must be to see the little guy at this point!!!

  2. Your sure have been busy. Good Luck with your delivery.


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