Friday, May 29, 2015

How Do You Explain Memorial Day?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend last week. Is it me or do the elusive three day weekends seem to go by faster than the regular ones? Saturday morning started off with a walk in the pretty weather with Cooper. He wore his sunglasses for the first time!
He warmed up to them quickly…

Monday my parents cooked and we spent the majority of the day with them, Kaylen, Daniel, Nana and Don Don eating, sitting on the front porch talking, napping, and playing with baby. The weather was yucky so we had a nice, relaxing day together.

I noticed a trend on social media over the weekend (well, maybe I only noticed it because we have lots of friends that are/were military). Lots of people, myself included, were posting pictures and articles about Memorial Day and more specifically the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. It kind of amazes me that people don’t seem to know the difference. What amazes me more is that people find it appropriate to say “Happy Memorial Day”. Remind me what is happy about it. Google pictures of military funerals or children receiving folded flags or women weeping at the feet of tombstones at Arlington or Marines huddled together crying over a buddy’s boots, rifle, and kevlar. THAT is why it’s not “Happy Memorial Day”.

It’s very important to Chris and I to teach Cooper the importance of days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. But I wonder how in the world we’re going to explain it to him so he grasps it. How do we teach him about that kind of sacrifice? How do we explain what Chris was a part of? What deployments were like. The life we had in Jacksonville. How do we make him understand what boot camp graduation was like or how it felt seeing his dad step off the bus after 7 months apart? How do we put that into words? We want him to understand everything the flag represents and we want him to respect it and the men and women that have fought for it.

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