Friday, May 8, 2015

Things My Mother Taught Me

With my very first Mother’s Day coming up, I’ve been reflecting on my own mother.  In particular I’ve been thinking about things she taught me that I would like to teach Cooper when he’s a little older.
I realize some of these I’ll NEVER teach Cooper because he is of the male variety but here are just a few things my mother taught me:

-To worry about nothing, but pray about everything.
-The difference between friends and acquaintances.
-How to shave my legs. (Thanks for that one.)
-That there is not a problem that does not have a solution.
-What would happen when I “became a lady” around the age of twelve.
-How to keep my baby alive.
-To trust my woman’s instinct.
-To never turn down free food.

I’ve always known I need my mother (well, before and after I got out of my short-lived teen angst phase), but I never knew how much until I became a mother myself.  Even at twenty-seven I don’t know what I would do without her.

Happy Mother's Day to the all the mamas!

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  1. Happy Mother Day's. I hope you have a great one.


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