Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear Cooper

Dear Cooper,

It’s been 147 days since you made your entrance into the world and you still scare me to death. I can’t believe the good doctors and nurses actually let me take you home. Sunday morning when I woke up and realized you slept until 8 instead of 7 I ran to you to make sure you were breathing. I’ve never kept flowers alive for more than a week. But here you are, a 5 month old, living, breathing, eating, pooping, fully functioning baby. You bring out a protectiveness I never really knew existed. When you were 4 weeks old I nearly stabbed a sweet old man with a fork at Cracker Barrel when he tried to take your blanket off of you because he HAD to see your little baby legs.

You’re so much fun now! You’re so happy and smiley all the time. I get asked at least once a day, “is he always that happy?” And I answer with, “most of the time, yes!” Bath time has become a family affair because you’re so funny kicked back in the little tub like you’re at a spa. My favorite thing to do with you though is just sit on the bed and talk. And by talk I mean ask you how your day was while you goo and gaa and squeal.
My favorite part of the day is seeing you after work. When you notice me and smile I turn to butter. When you’re lying in my lap and you reach up and touch my face I turn to butter. When someone else is holding you and you fix your eyes on me wherever I move, I turn to butter. Your mom does a lot of melting.

A couple of years before you were even in a twinkle in the eye I would sit at my desk job listening to Disney Pandora. The song “I See the Light” from Tangled would come on and I would hold back tears wondering if that’s how it would feel when I saw you for the first time. I wondered if everything would in an instant look different. I wondered if it would feel as if the entire world shifted on its axis. And it did. You were everything I ever dreamed of and I loved you the moment I saw you.

Just know how very much I love you and that I’m so thankful you’re mine (and your dad’s, but mostly mine).


Hannah Mink Photography


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