Friday, June 26, 2015

Letters To Me - Beach Bound!

 Dear Alyssa,
Getting brave aren’t we? You go, mama.
But could you slow down on the oatmeal raisin cookies?
Because good grief.
-The bikini you just bought

Why have you forsaken me?
PS. When you’re not looking I go in Cooper’s room
and rub ALL OVER his glider. So ha.

Give it up, baby. I’m probably never going to work like I used to.
I guess this means you’ll never win that Nobel Peace Prize for astrophysics.
…or ever be able to remember anything again ever.
Sorry about that.
-Your Brain After Baby

I swear, if you get ONE MORE cavity we’re going to abandon ship
and you’re going to wake up one morning a gummy, bloody mess.
Enjoy your dentures.
-Your Teeth

Dear Alyssa,
Hello, old friend! I’m so glad we’re getting reacquainted.
I was feeling super lonely there for a while. I figured I would have to
be put on the back burner for a time, but that’s ok! I’d wait forever for you.
We’re going to look great together on the balcony at the beach next week. ; )
-The Book You’ve Been Reading Since December.

The Book I’ve Been Reading Since December is right. We’re going to the beach next week! Cooper’s first beach trip and I’m so excited to get his little toes in the water. The whole gang is going (us, the parents, the sister, the boyfriend-in-law, and the grandparents) and I don’t know what I’m more excited about: the pool lounging, the food, or the extra hours of sleep. Probably the sleep. Yeah, definitely the sleep.
Happy Friday!

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