Thursday, June 4, 2015

Levels of MOM

There are a few things you do when you become a mother. Some are intentional and some are subconscious. On a scale of 1-10 each one carries with it a different “level” of motherhood, if you will. At least they do in my mind.  Tighten up your baby wearer thing and see what level of Mom you’re at.

-Develop supernatural hearing for baby whimpering. Mom Level: 5

-Forget to take your medicine, to take clothes out of the dryer, to take phone charger to work, to take quilt to cleaners, to take check to daycare, to take WALLET to get dinner...all in one day. Mom Level : 8.7

-Shower less, because ain’t nobody got that kinda time. Mom Level: 3

-Pick dropped pacifier off the floor and lick the nastiness off before giving it to baby. Mom Level: 8

-Google that little sneeze...and immediately wish you hadn't.  Mom Level: 5

-Spend more time in the baby section than the women’s section at Old Navy. Mom Level: 2

-Let baby pee all over himself (face included) before you realize what’s happening…and then feel really bad about it. Mom Level: 7

-Be in a constant state of just plain tired. Mom Level: 4

-Pray about poop. Mom Level: 9.3

-Cut your hair off. Mom Level: 10. The transformation is now complete.

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  1. Awesome hair! It looks so great!

  2. Haha, love this post! And your hair looks great!

  3. you hair look awesome. I always find it gross when parent lick pacifier. My mother in law told that once I have children that I will be doing it to.

  4. So funny! I currently do, or have done, all of these...licking the pacifier, literally JUST did it. :) Cute hair cut!


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