Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Weekend in Numbers

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day! We had a nice relaxing weekend. I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just give you the cliff note version…in numbers.

2 – The number of times baby woke up Friday night.
3 – Cat naps taken Saturday morning.
15 - Selfies taken with Cooper.

27 – Books taken to 2nd and Charles.
5. 75 – Money in store credit I got for said books. Womp womp.
4 – Pieces of bread consumed at Outback. (I decided to quit bread until vacation the next day.)
1 –Dirty diapers changed during dinner.
3 – Episodes of OITNB watched.
1 – Sweet Father’s Day gift given to Chris.

1,598 – Father’s Day posts seen on facebook.
2.5 – Amount of consecutive hours I napped Sunday afternoon.
55.27 – Money spent at Publix on maybe 7 items.
5 ish – Chapters read in book.
0 – Loads of laundry done.

The length of that nap and the number of loads of laundry done made it a fantastic weekend.
We leave for the beach a week from today so the next seven days will without a doubt be the longest seven days in the history of all mankind.
Oh yes, and there’s the fact that I have to get my teeth cleaned AND have a filling this afternoon. Awesome. I will be ecstatic when this day is over.
Happy Tuesday or whatever.

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  1. Cooper is adorable. I wish I had no laundry to do.



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