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Dorothy Must Die - A Book Review

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Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

When I was browsing the “new” section at Barnes & Noble and saw the cover of this book and read the description I was immediately intrigued. An evil twist on Oz where Dorothy is a power hungry dictator, the scarecrow is a mad scientist, and flying monkeys are enslaved? Yes, please! I snatched it up and sat in one of their overstuffed chairs and read the first few chapters. From the time I started the book to the time I finished the book I had a baby and that baby grew to be five and a half months old. Don’t judge me. Any free time was spent sleeping.

The Good: I liked the spunky main character and felt for her, especially in the first couple of chapters. Her back story is pretty heartbreaking.
I LOVED the detailed descriptions of the people and places. If you’ve seen the movie (and who hasn’t?) it’s easy to picture the twisted, bleak, decrepit Oz detailed in the book. What is hard for me to get a mental image of is this new, sex pot, evil Princess of Oz, Dorothy. That’s probably because the pigtailed, wide-eyed version is so iconic. But you have to love the sound of her.
“This was not the same girl I'd read about.  She was wearing the dress, but it wasn't the dress exactly--it was as if someone had cut her familiar blue-checked jumper into a million little pieces and then put it back together again, only better.  Better and okay, a little bit more revealing.  Actually, more than a little bit.  Not that I was judging.  Instead of farm-girl cotton it was silk and chiffon.  The cut was somewhere between haute couture and French hooker.  The bodice nipped, tucked, and lifted.  There cleavage.  Lots of cleavage"
Doesn’t that sound deliciously evil.
The Bad: Sometimes, especially toward the beginning there are random f-bombs thrown in. Some are from the heroine but most are from a foul-mouthed, tattooed munchkin. Yes, you read that right. I’ve read books written for adults with lots of cussing but this is geared for a younger crowd (nevermind that I’m 27). The language at times seemed gratuitous.
At certain points around the middle the story started to creep along and got redundant. Toward the end it got suspenseful and I thought it would be a great ending. …then I realized it’s part of a series and I was actually left with NO ending. Womp womp.
Bottom Line: It’s a cool, easy read that will give you completely different view of Oz and its inhabitants. The concept is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever read but it didn’t change my life. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Will I read the sequels? Probably not.

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