Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Knew We Should Have Named Him Phoenix

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Cooper is now NOT the only Cooper in his class at daycare. There are seven kids in his class. Two out of seven babies in the nursery are named Cooper. What the heck?

When we were milling over baby names we didn’t mill much over boy names. We knew if we were having a boy he would be Cooper Timothy. We’ve known that for years. People are always asking where we got the name. Chris likes initial names; AJ, CJ, ect, ect. He really liked CT and asked when the time came to procreate that I find a name that could fit those initials. I wasn’t loving any C names I ran across. Until one day I was on the facebook page of a friend who bakes cakes for a living. I was flipping through her album of beautifully decorated birthday confections and saw the cutest little barnyard cake with the name Cooper on it. I thought it was a nice, unique name that I’d really never heard before as a first name. I said it out loud and the more I thought about it the more I could picture us a with a kid named Cooper. So Cooper has a barnyard cake to thank for his name.

As for the middle name, I poured over T names and couldn’t come up with any I liked enough that weren’t already in use by someone close to us. Chris suggested we use the name of his hero/man crush, Tim Tebow. At first I waved off the idea because I wasn’t going to name my kid after a Florida football player (Roll Tide). Then I got to thinking…Cooper Timothy sounds pretty good. And Tebow isn’t a bad guy to name a kid after! He’s a good, Christian guy who’s never afraid to stand up for what he believes even if it’s not popular. Not to mention athletically talented and a natural born leader.  He’s what I would want my son to grow up to be like.
So Cooper Timothy it was!

That was probably four of five years ago and now Cooper is on the rise. Naturally.

I mentioned once or twice or a bunch of times before we found out he was a he that the name was gaining popularity and maybe we should at least entertain the idea of another name. Chris’s taste in baby names is vastly different from mine. Every name I threw at him to think about he vetoed instantly.

Even though I could pretty much guarantee there would be no other Phoenixes, Shepards, Olivers or Simons in his class.

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  1. Love hear how you came up with your son name.


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