Friday, August 14, 2015

Cooper Applies to College

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 Tell us about yourself.
My name is Cooper.  I’m 7 months old and I live with my parents and our two cats. 

Why are you interested in the University of Alabama?
I’ve learned about the University of Alabama since birth (and a school in Florida but we won’t talk about that).  My mother and her entire family are Alabama fans and my aunt is currently enrolled in her senior year.  I love the school’s legacy of tradition, athletic supremacy and academic excellence and I would love to be a part of that.
Plus I’m told I look nice in crimson.

Who in your life has most influenced you.
That would have to be my mother.  Only because she birthed me.

What do you want to major in and why?
I chose engineering as my major because I wish to design and build a wearable machine that will predict when I’m nearing hunger so I don’t have to wait any length of time for a bottle.

What will you contribute to our campus community?
I have a great personality and I think I’m good at making people smile. =)
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 Tell us about a challenge you overcame.
Recently my mother tried one night of a sleep method to get me to sleep in my crib.  She laid me down in my dark room alone and walked out.  This in itself was troubling as I’m rarely in a room by myself.  I began to protest but she did not return for a full TWO MINUTES.  She placed my paci back in my mouth, rubbed my face and walked out again.  That was not what I was expecting.  I protested again.  THREE MINUTES LATER she came back into my room and soothed me enough to make me believe she was going to pick me up only to walk out again.  I protested vehemently and was persistent until she had no choice to not only pick me up but return me to where I belong, in the bed with her.  Through my struggles I learned that persistence is key and Mom is a sucker.

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I enjoy sitting on the carpet at daycare and playing in a bucket of toys, bouncing in my bouncer , talking to anyone that will listen, and watching my mother do just about anything.
mother and son, bryant denny stadium, alabama baby, crimson tide

I ask you, nay, I implore you to accept my application to the University of Alabama. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Roll Tide.

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  1. My husband works in athletics at UA so you were in our neck of the woods! We took our maternity pictures at the Gorges house on campus a couple weeks ago, and they're gorgeous. Alabama really has a pretty campus.


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