Monday, August 31, 2015

My Fall Bucket List

There’s been some radio silence around these parts. I’m a pretty firm believer in not blogging just for the sake of having a post X amount of times a week but blogging when you feel inspired. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve had near zero motivation and zero inspiration when it comes to putting words to screen lately.

But there is one thing that’s got me giddy….and that’s the impending autumn.
It’s almost fall, yall!
I’m going to be totally basic right now and tell you (again) that fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it from football to the fashion to foliage. This will be Cooper’s first autumn on this earth and I want to do everything I can with him! A lot of bloggers like to post their “Summer Bucket List” and it includes things like get a tan, or read X amount of books at the beach, or buy a cute pair of sandals. My summer bucket list goes something like this:
-Stay indoors.
-Wait for fall.
I like a good pair of sandals as much as the next person but seriously. Summer is for the birds.
Instead I present to you my FALL Bucket List.

fall bucket list, fall, autumn, leaves, bucket list

Now there's nothing left to do but wait patently for the temperature to drop and break out the cozy sweaters!

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  1. Fall is the best!! It's my favorite time of the year too. I'm a little shocked that you haven't had a PSL! :) Get on it girl! You have no idea what you are missing. Maybe I should do one of these lists?

  2. OMG YOU'VE NEVER HAD A PSL?!?!?!?!?! Girl, you've gotta get on that!!

    I agree with you, summer is not my jam. I'm all about fall! Bring on the boots, leaves and hot cocoa. :)


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