Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Lovers Rejoice - My Expereince with, bookwork, cheap books, review, website

 [This is NOT a sponsored post, just something that recently made me extremely happy.]

I had been in a major reading slump all summer. After finishing Dorothy Must Die I started no less than three books and didn’t get very far into any of them. The only reason I started them to begin with was because I had them lying around. Nothing held my interest.

Then I stumbled upon
Oh. My. Gees. Where has this website been all my life and why hadn’t I heard of it before?

All the books you could possibly ever want to read at ridiculously cheap prices. I started adding books to my Wish List like it cool. I ended up ordering three: Serena, The Help, and Pride & Prejudice. I got those three books all in good condition for $10.59 and since my order was over $10 the shipping was FREE. FREE! For a $10 order! What is this sorcery?! Seven business days later they were in my mailbox. That made for one seriously happy Alyssa.
I will most likely NEVER buy a book from a store again. I mean, why would I when I can get them at stupid cheap prices and have them delivered?
This is why the terrorists hate us.

PS. I’m loving Serena. Review later!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Emmy Awards

The Emmy's snuck up on me this year!
I thought the show as a whole was pretty much a snooze fest but for the first time in a while I can honestly say I was excited about the fashion!  So many great colors and trends!  Let's just get right to it...

black trend, emmy awards, fashion, jamie lee curtis, natasha lyonne, amy poehler, julie bowen
Surprisingly black was a hot trend this year!  As was putting your left hand on your hip apparently...
Jamie Lee Curtis: the original scream queen looks fantastic.  Love the simplicity. // Natasha Lyonne: Could have been nice but instead looks like she stuck her dress in a shredder. // Amy Poehler: An arguably cool look ruined by a bad hairdo. // Julie Bowen: This is different look for her.  She looks great but I'll always prefer her in color.

pink, trend, color, emmys, samira wiley, elizabeth moss, jessica pare
Color me happy with this color trend!!!
Samira Wiley: The color looks great on her and I love the one shoulder cape. // Elizabeth Moss: I LOVE this.  She's always an odd-ball on the red carpet but I think she nailed this.  And I love the way it makes her hair pop. // Jessica Pare: Meh.  It's pretty I guess and her face is stunning but I that flower is throwing me off.

silver, trend, fashion, emmys, kerry washington, gina ridriguez, christina hendricks, sophia vergara
Kerry Washington: One word: FIERCE. // Gina Rodriguez: Love this!  So feminine and romantic! // Christina Hendricks: This confuses me.  I feel like normally I would be gaga over this.  Maybe I don’t like it on her?  Also not feeling the hair. // Sophia Vergara: If she was going to stick to what she knows she could have at least picked a more exciting color.  Zzz..

emmys, fashion, colors, trend, taylor schilling, maggie, january jones
Taylor Schilling: Such a disappointment for me because she’s had some stunning dresses!  Don’t like the cut or the color with her blonde hair. // Maggie Gyllenhaal: Ugh.  A taffeta nightmare. // January Jones: Love the unexpected color and she looks fab but I can’t get past the pants.

Jaimie Alexander, Claire Danes, Sarah Paulson, Ellie Kemper, trend, sparkle, emmys, fashion
Jaimie Alexander: Props for something so off the wall but I'm just not sure...  // Claire Danes: While I like the color and even the sparkle, I LOATHE the neckline.  Not very flattering. // Sarah Paulson: Love the dark drama of this dress!  Much like her AHS characters! // Ellie Kemper – I kind of dig this and I'm not sure why.  Such an odd print!

Ariel Winter, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland, fashion, emmys, bombshells,
Ariel Winter: She looks like a bombshell and is it just me or does she look 10x more confident after her breast reduction.  Work it, girl. // Emma Roberts: Gorgeousness.  Hair, makeup and jewelry are all on point but I DO wish the color of the dress was slightly less close to her skin tone. // Sarah Hyland: Love the neckline, color and casual hair.  She can't pick a bad dress!

There you have it!  Who were your favorites?  Any notable looks I left out?

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Monday, September 21, 2015

If I Had All The Time in the World

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I was in a conversation with some coworkers the other day about some professor or psychologist who says we all work too much and we should really only be working no more than thirty hours a week. Why this professor or psychologist believes this I have no idea. Clearly he or she has enough money to comfortably cut his or her hours dramatically. Alyssa doesn’t. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and Cooper gotta eat $30 in formula every week. We won’t get into all the other reasons this wouldn’t work for most Americans.


In the conversation I said something sarcastic along the lines of “wouldn’t that be nice” and someone else asked, “but what would you do with all your free time?” My knee jerk response was “whatever the heck I wanted”. Then I really got to thinking about. What WOULD I do with a lot of extra time? Plenty! Let’s spend reality for a second and pretend Chris had a super awesome job where I didn’t have to work and we could still afford daycare for baby (because ain’t nothin’ getting done home alone with him). In that make believe universe I would:

-Learn French.
-Do yoga.
-Take walks with Cooper (before I took him to daycare).
-Read. A lot.
-Drive to Tuscaloosa just to have lunch with Kaylen.
-Become the best blogger in the world.
-Have a house cleaning schedule.
-Watch all the movies on my watch list.
-Make a bunch of cookies and just give them to people.
-Cook healthy meals.

A rosy picture, is it not?
Back to reality and it's Monday so Cooper is at daycare, I'm at work, and Chris at his work that doesn't pay him enough for me not to.

And on that note, have a super awesome week!
What would you do if you had all the time in the world?

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dear Ms. Mirren

"It annoys me when I see men with an arm slung round their girlfriend's shoulders, It's like ownership. Of course, when you're young, you want the guy to take your hand and look after you. But when I see girls being leaned on, I want to say, 'Tell him to get his damned arm off your shoulder.' "
-Helen Mirren
 Dear Ms. Mirren,

I’m so glad someone finally spoke up about the serious issue of men showing ownership over their women, specifically the act of putting their arms around their shoulders. Many a time when my husband has done this at the mall or on the street I wanted to shove his constrictive arm off of my dainty shoulders but was too afraid to speak out so I was confined to walk by his side in silence. While we’re on the subject, men shouldn’t hold our hands either. Do they think we’re stupid and can’t walk by ourselves without getting lost? Do they think we need their constant guidance? It’s just another example of men trying to assert their superiority and dominance over us. Every time my husband reaches for my hand in public I feel my independence cave in a little bit more. And let’s not even discuss when he kisses me on the forehead in public. He might as well lift his leg and pee on me so everyone can clearly see I belong to him.

Thank you for giving me the courage to speak up and take this passive aggressive abuse no longer. From now on I’ll put my arm around HIS shoulder, I’ll grab HIS hand, and I’ll kiss HIM on the forehead and see how HE likes it.

Most Insincerely Yours,

PS.  I loved you in RED.

[Disclaimer: This was nothing but snark. It's called "affection".]

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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Reading: Basically nothing.  After finishing Dorothy Must Die in July I started three books and didn't get very far in any of them.  They just didn't hold my interest.  I only started them in the first place because I had free, easy access to them.  Last week I heard about  Why I have never heard of this before?!  Ridiculously cheap books and free shipping on orders over $10!  Friday I ordered Serena, Pride & Prejudice, and The Help.  I do believe I'll start with Serena.  Anyone read it?

Watching: The best of fall TV hasn't started yet so Chris and I are lightly watching Fear The Walking Dead and Ghost Hunters (an old favorite).  We've also become very fond of Hollywood Game Night and Geeks Who Drink.  I, myself go through phases where I watch the same movie over and over again.  Remember the Inglorius Basterds phase of 2012?  The past couple of weeks has been the Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice.  I've watched it so many times I'm at the point where I'm no longer watching the main characters but noticing everyone and everything else in the background.

Loving: The cooler mornings, Cooper sleeping longer at night, my new dark red toenail polish, listening to Dateline crime stories on YouTube, DiGiorno stuffed crust pizza, apple fritters, Pinteresting tattoos, lavender essential oil, Lipton peach tea, Rachel Platten's "Fight Song".

Looking Forward To: Halloween!  Chris and I are throwing ideas for family costumes at each other.  So far the front runners are Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, and The Musters.  He'd make the CUTEST little Eddie Munster.

Thankful for: A healthy baby.  The past few weeks I've had facebook friends with babies in the hospital and my heart aches for them.  I can't imagine seeing Cooper hurting.  Then I see videos and posts about sick kids or babies born with abnormalities.  I follow a page about a baby born in Alabama named Eli who was born without a nose.  No nasal canal, no nothing.  When you think about everything that can go wrong with their little bodies, it's nothing short of a miracle when everything goes right.

Everyone have a pleasant, SHORT work week!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Not Get Divorced During Football Season

sec, alabama football, florida football, sec couple, house divided

My mother always told me that when considering marrying someone there are two very important questions to ask: Are they washed in the blood and are they an Alabama fan.
Clearly I skipped the latter question because I married a Florida Gator. The years of 2008 and 2009 were very….tense in our household, but luckily Alabama and Florida don’t meet on the gridiron very often.

Over the years we’ve adopted a few guidelines for seeing our marriage through football season:

-My husband, Chris is a HUGE college football fan and on football Saturdays he doesn’t want to do anything but watch as many games as possible. Football is on all the live long day on Saturdays so that leaves next to no time for anything else. So a few years ago we adopted an arrangement that would keep both of us happy. We agreed that football Saturdays would be HIS days. He can sit at home and watch the games, go to his boyfriend’s best friend's house to watch the games, drive all day to go to a game. Whatever, I don’t care. But on Sundays he’s my minion. We do what I want to do, whether it’s cleaning the house top to bottom (not likely) or dragging him to Target and the mall and halfway around the world. This arrangement has worked really well for us.

-When one person’s team suffers a loss, the other doesn’t mention is until the loser is ready to talk about it. This is especially important if it’s a loss to a rival.

-No football d├ęcor what so ever in shared living space. The only thing we have hanging anywhere is a really pretty combo Alabama/Florida wreath my mother got us for the front door.

-With the arrival of Cooper came a new ground rule. No team colors on the baby when we're out together. He can wear Alabama gear when he’s with me or my family and he can wear Florida when he’s out with his daddy. I bend it sometimes since he’s basically never out alone with his daddy and let him sleep or send him to daycare in a Florida onesie. I mean, it can’t hurt anything since we already know he’s going to grow up to be an Alabama fan.

So this is how our divided house does not fall.  If you and your sweetheart are on opposite sides of the football field you might take up these guidelines yourself!
Happy Opening Weekend and Roll Tide!

house divided, gatlinburg, alabama football, football season
[Disclaimer: I would never actually divorce this guy over football.]

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