Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Emmy Awards

The Emmy's snuck up on me this year!
I thought the show as a whole was pretty much a snooze fest but for the first time in a while I can honestly say I was excited about the fashion!  So many great colors and trends!  Let's just get right to it...

black trend, emmy awards, fashion, jamie lee curtis, natasha lyonne, amy poehler, julie bowen
Surprisingly black was a hot trend this year!  As was putting your left hand on your hip apparently...
Jamie Lee Curtis: the original scream queen looks fantastic.  Love the simplicity. // Natasha Lyonne: Could have been nice but instead looks like she stuck her dress in a shredder. // Amy Poehler: An arguably cool look ruined by a bad hairdo. // Julie Bowen: This is different look for her.  She looks great but I'll always prefer her in color.

pink, trend, color, emmys, samira wiley, elizabeth moss, jessica pare
Color me happy with this color trend!!!
Samira Wiley: The color looks great on her and I love the one shoulder cape. // Elizabeth Moss: I LOVE this.  She's always an odd-ball on the red carpet but I think she nailed this.  And I love the way it makes her hair pop. // Jessica Pare: Meh.  It's pretty I guess and her face is stunning but I that flower is throwing me off.

silver, trend, fashion, emmys, kerry washington, gina ridriguez, christina hendricks, sophia vergara
Kerry Washington: One word: FIERCE. // Gina Rodriguez: Love this!  So feminine and romantic! // Christina Hendricks: This confuses me.  I feel like normally I would be gaga over this.  Maybe I don’t like it on her?  Also not feeling the hair. // Sophia Vergara: If she was going to stick to what she knows she could have at least picked a more exciting color.  Zzz..

emmys, fashion, colors, trend, taylor schilling, maggie, january jones
Taylor Schilling: Such a disappointment for me because she’s had some stunning dresses!  Don’t like the cut or the color with her blonde hair. // Maggie Gyllenhaal: Ugh.  A taffeta nightmare. // January Jones: Love the unexpected color and she looks fab but I can’t get past the pants.

Jaimie Alexander, Claire Danes, Sarah Paulson, Ellie Kemper, trend, sparkle, emmys, fashion
Jaimie Alexander: Props for something so off the wall but I'm just not sure...  // Claire Danes: While I like the color and even the sparkle, I LOATHE the neckline.  Not very flattering. // Sarah Paulson: Love the dark drama of this dress!  Much like her AHS characters! // Ellie Kemper – I kind of dig this and I'm not sure why.  Such an odd print!

Ariel Winter, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland, fashion, emmys, bombshells,
Ariel Winter: She looks like a bombshell and is it just me or does she look 10x more confident after her breast reduction.  Work it, girl. // Emma Roberts: Gorgeousness.  Hair, makeup and jewelry are all on point but I DO wish the color of the dress was slightly less close to her skin tone. // Sarah Hyland: Love the neckline, color and casual hair.  She can't pick a bad dress!

There you have it!  Who were your favorites?  Any notable looks I left out?

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  1. Man, is it just me, or did lots of people pick super-unflattering dresses?! Like, Claire Danes with that neckline...and I love the color of January's pantsuit but the whole pants thing is a no for me. It looks like if she stepped on the hem she'd have a wardrobe malfunction! I do really like Sarah's overall look--kind of makes me want to get a sassy short haircut.

  2. Sarah looks so great! I love Kerry's dress from the front. I liked it a little less when I saw the back. She rocks it though.

  3. Samira and Emma's dresses are by far my favourites! I love when you have these kinds of posts. :)


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