Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Lovers Rejoice - My Expereince with, bookwork, cheap books, review, website

 [This is NOT a sponsored post, just something that recently made me extremely happy.]

I had been in a major reading slump all summer. After finishing Dorothy Must Die I started no less than three books and didn’t get very far into any of them. The only reason I started them to begin with was because I had them lying around. Nothing held my interest.

Then I stumbled upon
Oh. My. Gees. Where has this website been all my life and why hadn’t I heard of it before?

All the books you could possibly ever want to read at ridiculously cheap prices. I started adding books to my Wish List like it cool. I ended up ordering three: Serena, The Help, and Pride & Prejudice. I got those three books all in good condition for $10.59 and since my order was over $10 the shipping was FREE. FREE! For a $10 order! What is this sorcery?! Seven business days later they were in my mailbox. That made for one seriously happy Alyssa.
I will most likely NEVER buy a book from a store again. I mean, why would I when I can get them at stupid cheap prices and have them delivered?
This is why the terrorists hate us.

PS. I’m loving Serena. Review later!

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  1. going to have to check this site out

  2. Oh my gosh how have I never heard of this before?!?!?! And seriously, free $10 shipping?! Other sites need to get on that, stat!


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