Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Not Get Divorced During Football Season

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My mother always told me that when considering marrying someone there are two very important questions to ask: Are they washed in the blood and are they an Alabama fan.
Clearly I skipped the latter question because I married a Florida Gator. The years of 2008 and 2009 were very….tense in our household, but luckily Alabama and Florida don’t meet on the gridiron very often.

Over the years we’ve adopted a few guidelines for seeing our marriage through football season:

-My husband, Chris is a HUGE college football fan and on football Saturdays he doesn’t want to do anything but watch as many games as possible. Football is on all the live long day on Saturdays so that leaves next to no time for anything else. So a few years ago we adopted an arrangement that would keep both of us happy. We agreed that football Saturdays would be HIS days. He can sit at home and watch the games, go to his boyfriend’s best friend's house to watch the games, drive all day to go to a game. Whatever, I don’t care. But on Sundays he’s my minion. We do what I want to do, whether it’s cleaning the house top to bottom (not likely) or dragging him to Target and the mall and halfway around the world. This arrangement has worked really well for us.

-When one person’s team suffers a loss, the other doesn’t mention is until the loser is ready to talk about it. This is especially important if it’s a loss to a rival.

-No football d├ęcor what so ever in shared living space. The only thing we have hanging anywhere is a really pretty combo Alabama/Florida wreath my mother got us for the front door.

-With the arrival of Cooper came a new ground rule. No team colors on the baby when we're out together. He can wear Alabama gear when he’s with me or my family and he can wear Florida when he’s out with his daddy. I bend it sometimes since he’s basically never out alone with his daddy and let him sleep or send him to daycare in a Florida onesie. I mean, it can’t hurt anything since we already know he’s going to grow up to be an Alabama fan.

So this is how our divided house does not fall.  If you and your sweetheart are on opposite sides of the football field you might take up these guidelines yourself!
Happy Opening Weekend and Roll Tide!

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[Disclaimer: I would never actually divorce this guy over football.]

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