Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bonfires, Pumpkins, and a Ring Box

Sunday night my family had a big bonfire/pumpkin carving party at my parents’ house. The weather was beautiful and crisp with a cool breeze. Dad grilled fifty hot dogs and Mom made hot chocolate and had laid out everything needed to roast marshmallows. It was looking to be perfect, autumn evening. When everyone got there just before sunset all twenty-seven of us lined up to take the obligatory group photo in front of the hay field. Mom set up the tripod and snapped the first picture. She went back to look at it and said “Daniel, you didn’t smile! We have to take it again!”

…and then Daniel dropped to one knee behind Kaylen and took a ring box out of his back pocket.

 She turned and saw him and in his sweet, country way said, “You know I love you. Will do me a favor and marry me?”  Even on his knees he was almost taller than her. She grabbed him by his face, already at eye level, kissed him and said “Well, put it on me!”

My baby sister is getting married!

A few weeks ago I dreamed in detail that Kaylen and Daniel got married. I saw every ridiculous detail; from the flowers still wrapped in plastic that had been picked up at the grocery store, to the pearl encrusted jacket Kaylen wore over her tea length gown. Daniel wore an outfit similar to the one he proposed in: jeans, t-shirt and a ball cap. I walked down the aisle wearing a purple dress holding Cooper in my arms. I had to stop during the ceremony to run to the bathroom which was conveniently located on the alter. In the dream during toast time I said that I had long ago accepted Daniel as a brother-in-law and that I wished them all the happiness in the world. That was the only part of the dream that was realistic.

Let the wedding planning begin!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations to your sister! That was a sweet moment.

  2. That's cute! Congrats to your sister! Are you gonna be the wedding planner?


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