Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It’s funny how after having a baby you acquire a new normal and things that might have seemed strange or inconvenient before are now an everyday occurrence and you don’t notice or mind.

We’ve fallen into a routine in the evening that I’m pretty fond of. I leave work and go pick Cooper up at Mom and Dad’s. When we get home Chris is done or close to done cooking supper. We eat on the couch on our fold-out coffee table (that I hate the sight of but it’s served its purpose well for the past 8 years) and Cooper sits behind/between us. I say “sit” but it’s more of a roll, crawl, stand, climb situation. I try to eat with one hand while simultaneously keeping him from falling over or rolling right off the couch while he pulls himself up and climbs all over me like a spider monkey. Funny thing. He’d rather climb on me than Chris, but only when we’re eating. Most afternoons his Nanny gives him a bath but on days she doesn’t we bathe him in his tub in the kitchen sink after we eat, which is a family affair. I soap him up and when I pour water over his head to rinse him you’d think he was being water boarded...if water boarding was adorable.

When we’re done eating and bathing the three of us just hang out on the couch playing and talking until he gets fussy and it’s time for a bottle and bed. That’s when I take Cooper into our bedroom and give him his nightcap. He’s usually nearly asleep before he even polishes off the last of the bottle and when he’s done I just hold him close to me for a few minutes before I put him in his rock’n play. [Yes, he’s almost nine months old and still hasn’t spent a night in his crib.] When he’s good and asleep I go back and watch TV with Chris or just lie in bed reading next to him.

I used to dread evenings because I didn’t know what kind of mood Cooper would be in, if I was going to get to eat all my dinner, how long it would take him to fall asleep, or if I was going to get any time to relax before I had to go to sleep just to start over the next morning. Now the evening is my favorite time of day. Chris and I both work full-time (which I feel horribly guilty about) so this is our chance to enjoy him and just be together at the end of the day.

Lately every night when I turn off the light and roll over to go to sleep I find myself thinking, “today was a good day” and thanking God for my two boys.

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