Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Bucket List Update

Can you believe October is almost over? This month always flies by, probably because I like it so much. The trees in our yard are the most gorgeous in the neighborhood (in my completely biased opinion). I remembered back at the end of August I put together a fall bucket list and I thought I’d give an update at what I’ve checked off of it thus far:

-Visit a Pumpkin Patch with Cooper.
Check! We visited The Barnyard three weeks ago and had a merry ole time.

-Watch House on Haunted Hill at least once.
FAIL. Maybe I’ll find time one night this week. I do this every year and I’ll be disappointed if I don’t!

-Choose Awesome coordinating family costumes for Halloween.
FAIL. We all three got costumes but they SO do not coordinate. I’m Snow White, Cooper is Donald Trump, and Chris is a blow-up luchador. He gets…creative with his costumes. If I had any sense at all I would have made Cooper a dwarf. Sneezy perhaps.

-Visit Trade Days at Tannehill.
Check! Went two weeks ago with Mom, Kaylen and of course Cooper. The best part was the boiled peanuts.

-Try my first Starbucks PSL.
FAIL. I know! BAD basic white girl! But I’m determined to put a check next to this one!

-Go to an Alabama Game.
Double Check! Went to Bama vs Middle Tennessee and the Homecoming game against Arkansas. Cooper enjoyed the homecoming festivities and almost got picked up by a sorority girl.

-Eat lots of Candy Corn.
Check! I’ve kept a steady supply in my stash drawer at work.

4/7. Not bad! And there's still time to check some more off!
Tonight we took Cooper to a Trunk or Treat in town.  He was the cutest little Donald Trump ever!  He shook hands and kissed babies.  Adorable pictures to come later.  Have a safe and happy Halloween, yall!

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  1. Ya for knocking some items off your fall bucket list.


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