Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Weekends are the Best Weekends

The past weekend was a very busy one. But a very good one.  Yes, I'm aware a new weekend starts this evening but whatever.

Saturday was Homecoming at Bryant Denny. Dad and I had tickets to the game and Mom and Cooper drove down with us to see all the pregame festivities. He was decked out in his Alabama gear and looking very handsome if I do say so. Kaylen heard a co-ed tell her friend, “OMG look at his eyes! I just wanna smell his head! I bet it smells like Johnsons!” What can I say? College girls love them some Cooper.
In my book the weather could not have been more perfect. It was overcast but never rained a drop. The temperature was around that fine line where everyone is somehow comfortable. The game itself was ugly as sin but whatever. A win’s a win I guess. I didn’t get home until midnight and I crashed as soon as I got my makeup off.

Saturday morning after what felt like very little sleep we got up early to get ready for another full day. First was breakfast at IHop with Mom and Dad. Going against my MO I tried something new: Hazelnut Crepes with Bananas. Not bad. Not my new favorite but not bad. After that it was Party City to look for Coop a costume (we have it narrowed down between a devil or the circus strong man) and then we met Kaylen and Daniel off the beaten path at a little pumpkin patch. It was the cutest little place! There were barnyard animals to feed, a tractor ride, horse and pony rides, and of course pumpkins. Cooper pet the baby goats, rode the horse with me, and picked out a little baby pumpkin all while Mom took a gazillion pictures. And I’m so glad she did.  Plus how awesomely basic do I look in my fall flannel?

That baby makes my heart full and I’m so glad I have a family that loves him to share all these milestones with.
That’s one more thing marked off my Fall Bucket List!
Now that I've covered last weekend time to begin another one!  Happy Friday!

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  1. glad you had a fun weekend. I hope you have another great one.


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