Thursday, January 28, 2016


Baby Boy on his birthday morning.
Reading: I started Pride and Prejudice again. I began it a few years ago but just couldn’t get into and honestly found the language too hard to understand. Since then the 2005 version of the movie has become one of my favorites so I thought I’d give it another try and I’m enjoying it MUCH more this time around. I made a goal for myself at the beginning of the year (a goal NOT a resolution) to read one book a month in 2016. That doesn’t sound like much but since Cooper’s been around I’ve read three. Three. That’s pathetic. So when I finish P&P I’ll hit up again for my next load!

Watching: As far as TV shows go, not much of nothin’. Just waiting for The Walking Dead! Can I get an amen.

Wishing For: Black moto boots. A book/DVD shelf for the living room. Subway tile in the kitchen. A conceal carry purse. Red flats. More leggings to be worn as pants!!

Dealing With: A baby with either hand, foot, and mouth or chicken pox. He was exposed to HF&M at his party and since then another little girl at the party has had it. Even after his fever broke, he continued to get new bumps and they were spreading up his legs and on his trunk. Chris took him into the doctor and he wasn’t even sure by looking at it. He said it could definitely be HF&M but he could have also contracted chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine he received last week. The doctor said about 5% of babies get it from the vaccine itself. They took a skin sample but we won’t know until some time today which it is. Such weird timing that it could very well be either one! So this week Chris and I have been tag-teaming work and staying home with Cooper since we have to keep him out of daycare in case it IS CP. This is weird for us because he’s such a healthy baby this is the first time either of us have had to miss work other than for the usual check-ups. He was miserable for a few days and super whiney. You could tell the little fella didn’t feel well. But the past couple of days he’s been more like himself, more like my happy baby. And that makes Mama happy.

Loving: My newly cleaned and organized bedroom. Cooper standing by himself. Instagram (always). The cold weather. Mini cherry pies. Quiet time at night after baby goes to bed.

Looking Forward To: I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I’m looking forward to going to Monday Night Raw live in Birmingham. Chris got our tickets months ago and supposedly our seats are in a prime camera area so look for us on TV. I don’t know who will fan girl more: me over Roman Reigns or Chris over…everybody else.

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  1. Man I didn't know you could get the chicken pox from the vaccine. That scary to me since I got the vaccine as an adult. Lucky knock on wood. I still haven't got the chicken pox. Have a great weekend.


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